Services in Ostuni, Puglia


Our services in Ostuni

Property management

Property management services

We offer a service to property owners who do not live in Ostuni and like to rent their property during the year without worrying about it.

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Taxi and transport services

Taxi services

We can provide a taxi service for you from Brindisi or Bari airport to Ostuni and vice versa. As well as regular taxi services. Also transposts services for group of people.

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Tourist guides

tourist guides in Ostuni

We can provide tourists guides both for big and small group of people. Also available in different languages.

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Services for Disabled

Disabled services in Ostuni

In collaboration with 'Ostuni...a Ruota Libera' that helps disabled people we provide different services from provision and rental of special equipment for leisure to trasports services.

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Cycling tours

Cycling tours in Ostuni

If you like cycling then this organized trips are for you. There are different levels of difficulty into the most charming parts of the territory.

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Walking tours

Walking tours in Ostuni

Walking tours are organized all around the Ostuni territory. This is the chance to discover unknown parts and protected areas not easy to find.

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