Electric Green Car rentals in Ostuni

Electric car rentals

Electric car rental in Ostuni

Our Electric Green Cars consist of a large number of vehicles available to individuals and companies. They are an eco-friendly, fun and convenient way to move around. In fact, electric mobility cars have zero polluting emissions and zero noise, in total respect for the environment and people.

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Renting our electric cars

Our electric green cars can be rented for short and long periods

Short periods

Electric carsforrent in Ostuni, Puglia

Minimum of 6 hours. Cars must be booked at least 2 hours before renting.

Medium and long periods

This kind of renting can go up to one year and it is usually ideal for companies, tour operators, hotels and general organizations.

Our cars

Our available electric cars are the Renault Twizy. We have them in four types:

Twizy 45. These cars have a speed limit of 45 km per hour and can be driven by a 14 year old with driver licence AM.

Inside of an electric cars for rent in Ostuni, Puglia

Twizy 80. These cars have a speed up to 80 km per hour and can be driven by a 16 year old with driver licence B1 or B.

Twizy Cargo. Loading, parking and unloading with this Twizy is easy and effective. The seat for the driver is in front, while the rear door that opens at 90° is suitable for any type of load.

Twizy without side shields. Ideal to go up and down with freedom inside the Ostuni historic centre.

Costs for renting an electric green car

Electric cars for rent in Ostuni, Puglia

Half day

Euro 25 - from January to June and September to December

Euro 30 - July and August

All day

Euro 30 - from January to April and from October to December

Euro 35 - May, June and September

Euro 40 - July and August

Special discounts are offered for rentals of more than three days.

Cars are delivered fully charged. A cable is available inside the car for further charging. A plug is also available for recharging your mobile phone.

Cars can be delivered and collected at zero cost in Ostuni and nearby territory. For longer distances there is a cost of 1 Euro per km.

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