Sea excursions from Villanova port


Sea excursions

Sea sxcursions from Villanova port near Ostuni

Whether you are looking for a family day along the coast, a group vacation out on the sea or a romantic excursion we can offer you full and excellent sea excursions from the port of Villanova at just 7 km from the town of Ostuni.

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Sea excursions

Porto di Villanova near in Ostuni, Puglia

With our sea excursions you will discover the wonder of the beautiful scenery of the Puglia coast. We can take you for a swim in the most beautiful nearby coves and to admire the coastal landscape difficult to reach from land.

You can create your own personalized itineraries either for half a day - morning from 9.00 to 1.00 pm or afternoon from 3.00 to 7.00 pm - the whole day, or in the evening from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

Sea excursions Porto di Villanova near Ostuni, Puglia

We can take you sailing south towards Santa Sabina, an ancient fortified village, where you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Blue Grotto, or northwards to the long and beautiful beaches of Torre S. Leonardo up to the seaside town of Torre Canne.

These will be moments of absolute relaxation, during which you will taste some typical gastronomic specialities that our staff members can prepare and serve on board.

Living Sunset

Sea excursions Porto di Villanova in Ostuni, Stune mia

This service allows you to go out by boat in the late afternoon until evening. During this boat excursion appetizers and cold dishes will be served. All will be accompanied by musicians who will play and sing for you in the local dialect. Also local artists and writers will keep you company.

It is an ideal excursion for those who want to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary in a unique and special way.

Within any kind of excursion you can practise:

Scuba diving, where you can choose the best dive that suits your interests. You could explore the mine, the anchor and the amphorae located near the Port of Villanova, or the wreck of the Turkish ship “Gluten Islamoglu” near Torre Canne, or the small grotto at Costa Merlata.

Snorkelling, to discover the best seabeds of the long Ostuni coast.

Fishing with a rod or underwater fishing with proper diving equipment.

Our boats for sea excursions have wheelchair access for up to 3 people, water supply, electricity supply, security and mooring assistance. Water bowls and food are provided for small pets.

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