Archaeological and natural park of Santa Maria di Agnano

Park of Santa Maria di Agnano

Archaeological and natural park of Santa Maria di Agnano

The Archaeological and natural park of Santa Maria di Agnano is located at 2 km from Ostuni on the road from Ostuni to Fasano (SS16).

Inside this park were found remains from the Neolithic, Japigian-Messapian and Medieval ages. Casts of these finds are today displayed in the Museum of "Civiltà preclassiche della Murgia meridionale" located in the historic centre of Ostuni (via Cattedrale, 15).


Archaeological and natural park of Santa Maria di Agnano - Fresco of the Virgin Mary

Inside one of the caves of the park was discovered the skeleton later called "Delia", today commonly known as "Ostuni 1". This is a skeleton of an 8 months pregnant woman of about 20 years old, dating back 26,000 years. Along with these remains were also found funeral kits, a shell necklace, a headpiece and many other items .

In more modern times the site of Santa Maria of Agnano was used as a place of worship of the Virgin Mary. Inside it the icon of the Virgin frescoed on a wall can still be seen today.


Info about the park of Santa Maria di Agnano

This park is located on the SS16 from Ostuni o Fasano - at km 874/II


Visits can be made by reservation. Please call the following numbers:
Mobile phone: +39 346 106 5301
Landline: +39 0831 336 383



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