Cookery classes in Ostuni

Cookery classes

Cookery classes in Ostuni

A cookery class gives you the opportunity to prepare a home cooked Apulian meal in the surroundings of a typical local restaurant or masseria. You'll be cooking some of the best recipes that mark our most authentic local culinary tradition.

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The class

Cookery Class - Making Orecchiette pasta

The class will give you the chance to prepare a three course meal. The chef will be showing its preparation from starter to finish, highlighting the importance of the choice of good quality produce.

At the end of each class a full meal of the dishes you have prepared will be served, with some matching Apulian wines.

A helpful English speaking assistant will be there to answer any question you might have.

Our cooks

Cookery Class - Making Biscotto Cegliese

Our cooks are local talented chefs we rely on to make sure you have the best diner experience in Puglia. They are also an incredible source of knowledge of the local cooking tradition.

Type of class

Cookery Class - Ostuni Puglia

Private classes allow you to book a chef for yourself or for your own chosen group of people, to a maximum number of 10. You can choose your day for the course as long as it is an available one for us. You will also be able to chose the dishes to be prepared from an available list.

Group classes are on fixed dates. In this case dishes are already chosen by the chef although they change often from class to class.



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