Masserie of Ostuni



The Masserie developed during the XVI Century. They are fortified farm houses built for defesive purposes in order to repel sea and land attacks. They also became the centre of a social and agricultural community.

They were often built on top of existing grottoes, where the hypogeum mills were then created. Around the main building one can also find houses for farm workers, stables and a church.

After a period of neglect, the masserie have been brought back to their original splendour and they now offer the kind of rural hospitality that allows tourists to get in contact with the rhythms and the landscapes of the surrounding land.



Masserie of Ostuni

Masseria Lo Spagnulo

(5 km from Ostuni city center) Masseria Lo Spagnulo - Ostuni, Puglia

This is one of the most interesting masserie of the area built in 1689 by Don Saverio Lopez Royo. From the courtyard one can see a quadrangular tower, a small church, the private houses, the stables and an olive oil mill. he boundary wall has two doors that open into the courtyard where you will find two flights of stairs, in Baroque style, that lead to the main house.

Masseria Rialbo di Sopra

(4.5 km from Ostuni city center) Masseria Rialbo di Sopra - Ostuni, Puglia

This is the oldest masseria in the Ostuni territory built in 1578. It is a fortified masseria with high walls and three wings, two large courtyards, a drawbridge and other defence systems on the high walls. Inside one of the courtyards is an hypogeummill with all the equipment for the production of olive oil and tanks for decanting and storing.

Masseria Sansone

(7 km from Ostuni city center) Masseria Sansone - Ostuni, Puglia

This ancient complex built in the XVIII century has a majestic surrounding wall built as a defence for the many buildings present inside it. The imposing entrance is of a portal made of local stone which takes you straight to the courtyard where the main building and all the other houses can be seen. The facade of th emain building has decorations, friezes and on the walls some interesting statues. Of the late Baroque style this masseria is a very nice example of Apulian masseria and not to be missed.

Masseria Santo Scalone

(12 km from Ostuni city center)

As well as being one of the oldest masserie in the area this is also the one with the most extended territory which during the XIX century included a large part of the south of the district of Ostuni. The masseria is surrounded by high walls with doors and a main entrance. The main building is on two floors. On the ground floor is the house for the land workers. You can also see a wood oven, a small church, stables and a wide hut for carriages. This masseria is noted for its numerous and large wells still used today.


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