Events in Ostuni


Historic events in Ostuni

Feast of San Biagio

On this day of the year thousands of pilgrims go to the sanctuary of San Biagio where they can attend the mass held in the church. The landscape at the Sanctuary is notable for a great pothole considered by speleologists the biggest underground cavity in Puglia. It is a special occasion not only for its religious aspect but also for the opportunity, while walking, of admiring an unspoilt natural area, the monastic buildings and the Mediterranean vegetation.

Where: ​Santuario di San Biagio - ​ Via dei Colli, Ostuni, Puglia

Feast of the Madonna della Nova

On this day the locals visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Nova situated just outside the town, on the road to Carovigno.

Where: ​Chiesa Madonna della Nova - ​ Via San Giovanni Bosco, Ostuni, Puglia

Sagra degli altri tempi

The historic centre is the scene for a display of old traditions, costumes and food preparation by the people of the old town. You can taste various types of traditional dishes and see the local artisansat work.

Where: ​Outside surrounding walls - ​ Viale Oronzo Quaranta, Ostuni, Puglia

La Cavalcata di Santo Oronzo

La Cavalcata is a horse parade that follows the procession of Saint Oronzo, the protector of the city on the 26th of August. A silver statue of the saint is carried in memory of the knights who protected the pilgrims on the way to the sanctuary from the attacks of bandits. Horses and riders have mantillas and costumes in gold or silver embroidery.

Where: ​Historic center - ​ Piazza della Libertà, Ostuni, Puglia

La processione della Grata

On the second Sunday of August, this procession leaves the Sanctuary della Grata to go to the centre of the city and, in the evening, the candles of the six thousand people who usually take part, light up the countryside. It is a striking scene you can watch from the top of the city.

Where: ​Chiesa della Grata - ​ Outside Historic centre, Ostuni, Puglia

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