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The sea

The sea at Ostuni is beautiful and the Ostuni coastline is still unspoilt with many wonderful beaches. The coastline on the Adriatic Sea runs for 20 km from North to South punctuated by a series of long beaches, small inlets, reefs, dunes and Mediterranean vegetation.

The place on the coast nearest to Ostuni is Villanova which can be reached taking the road SP20. It is a typical small port anf fishing town, founded by Charles I of Anjou in 1277, that was originally called Petrolla.

During Roman times, Villanova of Ostuni, was a station on the Trajan Way called Ad Speluncas.

Here a castle was built by the duchess of Bona Sforza in the XVI century. It is a castle made of three wings. Above the central one rises a tower that was used as a lighthouse.

Villanova represents the centre of the Ostuni coastline. The whole coast of Ostuni, from north to south, can be explored starting from this charming small port.

Marina di Ostuni

The entire Ostuni coast, which is known as the Marina di Ostuni, is covered with seaside resorts and camping sites, among which Lido Morelli (a long beach with dunes), Quarto di Monte (nice small beach),Torre Pozzella (a series of small beaches) and, a bit more down to Brindisi, the Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto.


Best Ostuni beaches

Lido Morelli

Lido Morelli Ostuni (8 km from Ostuni city center)

Lido Morelli is a long stretch of sand with dunes and Mediterranean vegetation. Here you will always find a place even in busy periods. It has been declared by the EU of International Importance, and it si also a Regional Nature Reserve.

Rosa Marina

Rosa Marina beach Ostuni (8 km from Ostuni city center)

Rosa marina is a seaside private village. Along this part of the coast there some beautful beaches that can accessed from the coast, either from he beach of the Pilone, located north, or that of Quarto di Monte, located south. These beaches are part of the Regional Nature Reserve of the Dune Costiere.

Quarto di Monte

Quarto di Monte beach Ostuni (8 km from Ostuni city center)

Quarto di Monte is a charming small beach not far from Villanova port. It is accessible taking a small road from the village of Monticelli. It is a well known beach by the locals because during the hot summer evenings there is a night bar for lovely nights out next to the beach.

Torre Pozzella

Ostuni Torre Pozzella (9 km from Ostuni city center)

Torre Pozzella consists of a succession of small inlets protected by cliffs all covered with a beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. It is a wild and untouched coast of enchanting beauty. It is so named after a tower was built between 1565 and 1569 and is called "Pozzella" for the abundant number of "pozzi" (wells) of spring water in the area.

Torre Guaceto

(20 km from Ostuni city center)

Torre Guaceto is a bit far from the usual routes but certainly a beautiful series of inlets with fine sand, which are not to be missed.

The Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto in Puglia is a WWF protected area with extraordinary natural resources.

The place is so called after a tower which is part of a series of towers existing along the coast. In the 16th century, because of the continuous and violent Turkish incursions, an Aragonese family introduced a new defense system. More info about Torre Guaceto here.


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