Parks and protected areas around Ostuni

Park of Dune Costiere from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo

Parco delle Dune Costiere tra Torre Canne e Torre San Leonardo

This regional park, stretching between the territories of the towns of Fasano and Ostuni, extends along a coastal area covered with dunes, juniper trees and Mediterranean vegetation. The park contains inland areas with fresh water springs nourished by underground rivers, centuries old olive trees, historic masserie with medieval hypogeum olive mills and a dolmen known as Dolmen of Montalbano. MORE INFO HERE

Archaeological and Natural park of Santa Maria di Agnano

Parco archeologico e naurale di Santa Maria di Agnano

The Archeological and natural park of Santa Maria di Agnano is located at 2 km from Ostuni on the road from Ostuni to Fasano (SS16). Inside this park were found remains from the Neolithic, Japigian-Messapian and Medieval ages. Casts of these finds are today displayed in the Museum of "Civiltà preclassiche della Murgia meridionale" located in the historic centre of Ostuni (via Cattedrale, 15). MORE INFO HERE

Nature reserve wwf protected area of Torre Guaceto

Torre Guaceto beach

Torre Guaceto nature reserve is a protected area between the coast of Ostuni and Brindisi, inside the territories of the towns of Carovigno and Brindisi.

It is a natural reserve of particular beauty and importance. The area is characterized by the presence of fresh water, which helped the growth of extensive woodland and varied species of animals. Inside there are several habitats and landscapes, including: a marine reserve with rocky and sandy seabeds; a wet and marshy area inhabited by amphibians and birds; sand dunes; and long sandy beaches.




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