Property restoration and repairing works

Property restoration and reparing works

Property restoration works

Restoring your home requires the help of professionals who will be able to make sure that any improvement you have planned, be it structural, plumbing or electrical, is done the right way.

We work with the insurance that if any problems arise after the works are finished these will be resolved promptly without any extra cost.

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Property restoration works

If you are planning to improve your property for yourself or to extend its life or because you are planning to rent your property to tourists then we can help.

Improvement works we can manage for you include: adding air conditioning, adding a top-up internet wifi system, replacing floor tiles, installing a security system, dig an artesian well, painting inside and outside, renovating your kitchen, replacing your existing plumbing, your electrical system or your windows.

More important works include extending your property with an extra room to use for a new bathroom or a kitchen, building a veranda and a pool.

Repairs and building maintenance works

There is a wide range of repairs and building maintenance services that we can provide: painting, plumbing, carpentry, electrical works, building works, installation of air-conditioning, heating units, installation and maintenance of swimming pools and heating pumps, interior design and all other aspects down to changing a light bulb or replacing a broken window.

We have a wealth of knowledge of all individual properties and have our own highly skilled maintenance crew along with all the contacts and local knowledge for anything that you would require. Additionally, you are secure in the knowledge that all tradesmen used by Ostuni the White City Services are highly skilled and fully qualified.

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