Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto


Torre Guaceto

The Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto in Puglia is a WWF protected area with extraordinary natural resources.

Originally the area was characterized by the presence of fresh water, which helped the growth of extensive woodland and varied species of animals.

The place is so called after a tower which is part of a series of towers existing along the coast. In the 16th century, because of the continuous and violent Turkish incursions, an Aragonese family introduced a new defense system.
The system they planned and realized consisted in a series of towers along the coast of their dominions. These towers communicated using smoke during the day and fire during the night.

Tourist Info

Address: Via Sant'Anna, 6, 72012 Carovigno
Phone number: +39 0831 990 882


Distance from Ostuni: 30 km
Time to get there by car: about 20 minutes

Excursions at Torre Guaceto


Walking trip that lasts 3 hours along paths of low and medium difficulty. Shorter excursion also available for children and beginners. Only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.


This cycle excursion lasts 3 hours along fixed paths. Bikes can be rented on site. Available on Tuesday and Sunday.


This activity is accessible to anyone and lasts 1 ½ hour. Experts will prepare you for every trip. All necessary equipment can be rented on site. Available only from June to September, and on Thursday and Saturday.



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