Brindisi the town of two castles



The town of Brindisi in Puglia has always been considered an important city in southern east of Italy. Although of Messapian origin it was only under the Roman occupation which started in 266 B.C. that the city began to acquire prestige, becoming an important naval base in Rome’s struggle for expansion.

During this period Brindisi was a great city. Unfortunately little remains of it, although the Archaeology Museum, located in Piazza Duomo, contains a collection of Roman relics.

The only memories of the Roman Brindisi are the two columns that marked the end of the Appian Way that connected Rome to Brindisi from the II century B.C.

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Map of Brindisi

Tourist Info Office

Address: Lungomare R. Margherita, 44
Phone number: +39 0831 562126


Distance from Ostuni: 40 km
Time to get there by car: about 30 minutes
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What to see in Brindisi

The Cathedral

A cathedral of Romanesque origin which was rebuilt in 1746 after the earthquake of the 1741. Unfortunately little remains of the original structure, only an external apse and some mosaic fragments around the high altar. You should have a look at the beautiful carved wooden chancel, made between the 1591 and 1595.

timings of the Cathedral of Brindisi in Puglia Timings: open daily from 7.30 to 21.00. Saturday from 7.30 to 24.00.

The Swabian Castle

The Swabian castle was built by Frederick II in 1227. It is square-shaped with towers at its angles and an external wall set off by round towers added by Ferdinand of Aragon. Today it is the centre of the Naval Command.

The Castello Alfonsino

The castello Alfonsino, which dates back to 1445, is located on the island of S. Andrea. This castle is also known as Castel Rosso and it has a small internal pier.

The Norman Temple

The Norman temple of San Giovanni al Sepolcro was built at the end of XI century over a pre-existing Christian building. it is small and has an elegant sculpted portal. The interior is in the shape of a horse shoe with a ceiling supported by eight marble columns.

Church of Santa Maria del Casale

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Casale Brindisi

Located at three kms from Brindisi this church is perhaps the most beautiful monument in the area of Brindisi. Its façade is surmounted by a single spire and is decorated by subtle three-lined pilaster-strips and blind arches. The inside has a latin-cross plan with walls almost entirely covered by XIV century fresco.

Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Built at the beginning of the XVII century it has a façade covered in friezes and garlands. Inside a beautiful frescoed ceiling and some XVII and XVIII century paintings.

Church of San Paolo

The church of S. Paolo founded in 1322 has a Gothic structure. Inside there are fresco remains from the Angevin school.

Anchaeology museum

During the Meppaian and the Roman domination Brindisi was a great city, called "the Gate of the Orient". But in modern times little remains af its history. The Archaeology Museum, located in Piazza Duomo, contains a noteworthy collection of Roman relics mostly amphoras discovered underwater.


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